About the show

Pure Country… where you’ll hear all types and styles of both country and western music from 1922 through the late 1960s, sometimes into the 1970s and once in a while even newer, but only if it reflects the sounds of Pure Country.


Pure Country is roughly built around The Country Calendar which is not any single document, but is a combination of important dates in country music history drawn from several country music industry calendars as well as a number of volumes of country music history. Each week the program features birthdays of prominent country stars, many that you may not know and others important to country music. You’ll hear a brief biographical sketch of each of those people, followed by some typical or important musical selections. Also featured are other dates such as important recording sessions and other events in country music history.


There are also two regular segments featured on each show. Although most comedians survive by telling jokes, there is a long tradition in the South of story telling. Southern story tellers give accounts of more complex humorous events. Those stories are usually based on factual events involving real people, although sometimes crafted and tweaked a little to achieve the desired effect. The Country Comedy segment usually takes place about 35 minutes into the 1st hour.


There is a Western tradition of cowboy poetry and storytelling that has existed for many generations. A serious movement has made many recordings of Cowboy Poetry available. Some are humorous, some serious and some just generally interesting. The Cowboy Philosophy And Poetry segment of Pure Country features some of those recordings at about 35 minutes into the 2nd hour of the program.

Between the music featured on The Country Calendar, Country Comedy and Cowboy Philosophy And Poetry you’ll hear music by request as well as songs that the host finds important or interesting. If you’d like to hear a particular song or artist, a particular type or style of country or western music, if you’ve got a birthday or anniversary you’d like to share, have questions or comments… send an email to purecountry913@gmail.com.